Tuesday, 8 January 2013

By the end of the morning .....

this needs to be full up.

These are the new pendants, some with holes at top, some with loops at the top and there will be some with holes both ends and loops both ends as well.  I think I've narrowed it down to the lines plus slip bumps as the decoration - the slip bumps are made with my cute little bottle, which comes with a little plastic container and fine tip nozzles and works beautifully (actually I found a way more than I will ever use of the bottles, and though I would up load some to the shop, they are useful for so much).

I've also added some dizzled slip to the Violet beads at the bottom right, which hopefully will catch the glaze as it is painted on and pool around - I might even add some black glaze, let it sit for a bit and wipe off, so it catches in the dips, then paint on the glaze over the top.

I'm not sure what is wrong with me ..... I hated Ceramics at School, and yet now I can't leave it alone - I love the feel of it, the way I can manipulate it, and am endlessly fascinated with how glaze works - even moving into mixing my own, which is the moment stunning purple shimmer (who'd have know!) just by adding a tiny, tiny amount of pigment to a glaze I made up.  I can't wait to enrol in the Ceramics course in September which is a whole year at college on a Wednesday.  I'm also waiting to start my metalsmithing course in May which is only 5 weeks, but looks interesting - again, who would think I would enjoy working with a torch with metal and glass.

I wish that I had a few friends to play with in the area though.

Happy Tuesday peeps, hopefully you will see a full board later today.  I love Tuesdays, as I have no School run in the evening as Lydia has Japanese and Guy picks her up on the way home .... so more play time for me ...... WHOOP!



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Lottie said...

Oh wow - what an exciting year you have to look forward too.

Shame I live so far away - as I'd be in the front of the queue to play with you