Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Bad .........

just bought a couple of metalsmithing bits and bobs.

A 1lb brass hammer, so that I can finally get on and use the disc cutter I bought at Christmas.

Some Prestige Shears for cutting metal sheet.

Multi Step Ring Looping Pliers for making wrapped loops and bails.

Some Medium Silver Solder ... I found my Easy solder you can all stop looking now!! .... I must remember to colour it with an orange Copic when it comes so I can can tell the difference.

To compensate for spending, I need to do some more Ceramics this evening .... the Heart Charms are all gone, and the Fairy Small Bead caps are well on their way to going too, but just now I'm watching Catherine Cookson on Yesterday channel.

We had a lovely lunch yesterday, and thank you everybody for your lovely birthday messages for Lou.

Happy Sunday.



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