Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Goodies arrived

and I jumped right in and coloured the Medium Silver Solder Orange, cut it into smaller bits and popped it in one of the pots that go with the fine tip applicator sets.

Next I've had at the Nichrome with a will and am making more loops.  My lovely new looping/bail making pliers are proving a terrific asset.

Just before I took this picture I decided that I needed to make not only a consistent loop bit at the top, but wanted the ends to be neater (even though they are going to get pushed into the clay), so I came up with an easier solution to trying to hold a normal ruler, cut and then decide on the centre "by eye" as t'were.

A piece of stampboard, marked for small loops on one edge, and medium on the other.  I will turn it over and work out measurements for large and super-large loops next (not that I use them often at the moment).

It's not pretty but it does the job, as I've just found out on yet more loops.

My French Shears also turned up today and the 1lb brass hammer, but they will have to wait until later for me to have a play.

Happy Tuesday all.

Ohh ....... and I got some feedback about some beads I sent to a friend, she loved them, and more will now be made and added to the inventory.


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