Thursday, 10 January 2013

Punch Drunk this morning

trying to get all the little round pegs out of round holes that are covered in oil .... yuck!!

It's the second time I have had to do it too .... I received the first one of these the other day, and one of the pegs was stuck in the corresponding hole.  Guy eventually got it out, but it looked like it hadn't been machined properly.  So I contacted the vendor and they sent a replacement out that day.

The new one arrived yesterday, and I put off getting it out of the packet ... simply because I hate the feel and smell of the oil it has on it.  So this morning the first job I made myself do was unwrap it, clean it off and check/wipe all the pieces down - this one is fine.

Now I have to package up the old one and send it back - fortunately they gave me a freepost address, as these little beauties are very heavy.

I am not sure if everyone will know what it is ... so just in case you don't it is a metal punch die set.  You take out the punches on the side you want to use.  Slide in your metal and....BAM.... hit it with brass 1 lb hammer.  Brass is best apparently as this will give a "dead blow" .... Only problemo is now I haven't got a brass 1 lb hammer, so I need one to be able to use it. Sucks!!



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Lottie said...

Isn't that always the way!!!!