Friday, 4 January 2013

Ready, steady .... glaze

After a lovely long walk with the Hound of Cowbeech this morning, I am back and cleared up the mess that was my desk, and then emptied the kiln to find this lovely lot of stuff to be glazed.

Having just cleaned up the holes a bit on some of the stuff that needed it, I'm new indulging in a delicious Scottish Raspberry Yoghurt and then it will be set to and get all of this glazed.  The long awaited "Olive" glaze turned up just before Christmas, and so I am looking forward to how that one will turn out.

The family managed to eat (with a bit of help from me) the Shortbread biscuits, and now I've got an adorable tin with a Scottie Dog on it to store some of my tools ........ I have a bit thing about tins, just love 'em!!!

Thought I would share the latest note left for me by Lydia:

I'm always finding them stuck to my PC - I have the best daughter ( a great Son too, but I haven't seen him for over a week .... mmmm, maybe his room will be mine soon!!!!!).


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Lottie said...

Oh joy, oh joy, I want to come and play with you today - glazing heaven!

How wonderful to have a daughter to leave you lovely little surprises - sons come in handy too when they are older - they can fix the things you can't and are big and strong and great for lifting stuff when you are old and decrepit like me!!!!