Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hasstings Old Town

Lydia and I have had a fantastic afternoon in Hastings Old Town.

I picked her up from School, we popped home for her to change and headed off.   After a superb lunch at White (I had Mussel Chowder and Scampi and Chips and Lyd had Goats Cheese Tart and a Cheeseburger with Sald) we went dress shopping at Equilibrium.

Next was a quick joy ride on the the West Life Fenicular

for Lydia to take some photographs for her GCSE.

After that, some more shopping ... we found a Mask Shop would you believe, and tons of antique shops and other potteries and galleries.  I onlly wish we'd had more time, and need to take another trip soon.

It was quite busy as it is apparently Mardi Gras weekend.

We've just arrived home popped.



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