Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lentil Beads - Work in Progress and Disaster Waiting to Happen ...

As you can see, one of the Lentil beads got a bit squashed ... not to even say destroyed .... when I was trying to refine the hole and sand it down.

Notice the different colours, all made at the same time from the say piece of clay, but they have been through several different stages of wetting, sanding and refining, each a different time.  The difference in colour is the moisture that still remains ..... the whiter the dryer, thus the more appropriate to work on.

I know this .... I ignored this ..... typical me ..... a broken bead.  The darker ones were wrapped up in plastic for longer, and need to dry out .... why didn't I wait?

Still, it is only one .... to be honest my upturned plastic pain mixing try might not be the answer, to get a really good puff on these beads.

Why?  I either need to use a bigger cut out circle so I can push it down flat at the bottom, so there is more to score, slip and smoosh together, or I need smaller humps to drape this size circle over for the same reason ...... with me so far?  Probably not, I am just thinking aloud here.

I was wondering if I should maybe get some wooden beads that are smaller than the paint tray humps and embed them into some polymer with a larger flat bit all around them ... my thinking is that wooden beads should be okay to bake embedded in the polymer due to the low firing temperature.

If I made ceramic beads and pushed them into a ceramic flat bed, I'm not sure enough of my skill to get them as perfectly smooth as I need them .... might be worth a try I guess at some point in the future if I can't find a solution.

What I really need to solve this is to make a plaster mould with wooden beads embedded into clay and then pour on the plaster .... problem being here .... never made a mould with plaster .... I know the theory but is that good enough to buy plaster and give it a go.  Maybe I should just try to buy a mould, can I get one though without a huge amount of internet work to find out?

Help me somebody with a suggestion.

Anyhoo, back from my mental ramblings ..... these now need to sit and dry out completely on the plaster board before I do any more fiddling around and then they can go into the bisque firing pile.

Today for me it's admin, dog walking, and hopefully some ceramic playing this afternoon.  No school pick up until gone 9 pm as Lyd has a House Formal Dinner tonight ... so plenty of free time this evening.



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Lottie said...

These look good to me - the texture is so original, that's the joy of hand made creations

You could make a mould out of polymer clay by impressing what you wish to create into it, then baking it.

There is also that stuff - grr can't remember the name, you get a pot of white and a pot of blue putty like stuff and add to two together then wrap around or push into it whatever mould you wish you make. It doesn't take long to set and you have a flexible silicon mould. I think it's called Siligon or something like that