Saturday, 2 February 2013

New Glazes to play with

I've got 99 problems, but this ain't one of 'em ..... I am loving this Teal Glaze by Contem.

On the school run this morning, I dropped Guy off to walk the Dog through the orchards and then got back before him to pop a Bolognese sauce in the slow cooker. 

So that I think then gave me brownie points to play with the new glazes .... so far the Teal has made it onto some flowers and a pendant,  along with a little of my go to Heirloom Silver in places. I can't wait to play with the rest, and see what the Kiln Gods' do with it.

I decided to try something this morning to see what the results were .... I had bought some wax resist yesterday and painted it in the holes of the flowers before glazing.  Once it is dry any glaze that goes on it will wipe off, and then the was should burn off in the firing.  It was worth experimenting with as sometimes I have problems with the rods sticking to glazing - you never know until you try.

We'll be picking Lou up from School today and then we are heading off to do something important and also  buy some plaster board so that I can play with the porcelain - apparently it warps and has a super dooper memory, so the plaster board is a better option than my usual method. When I leave them to dry I need to apparently leave them on the plaster board, place some sheets of newspaper or paper towel on top and then put another sheet of plasterboard on top to keep them level.  Also Chris suggested adding some sand to the shelf when I fire them .... it all makes me a bit nervous, but can't wait to play with it.

I have some dishes to make for my Mum, and also some presents for the first people that liked our page of Facebook, and I want to make a start on them this weekend.

Why do I love ceramics so much .... you'd have thought I would have discovered this before I got old!!!

Happy Saturday

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Lottie said...

The blue is amazing and the ceramic glazes just so special, which you can't really achieve with PC. Can't waut to see what comes out of the kiln next

Sorry I couldn't facebook you - I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account